Stay Tuned…

This is just a placeholder for what is to come. I decided to start tinkering around with Kubernetes and getting it to do “fun” stuff. This will be my first of future posts to explain how I have my personal website setup and running using a combination of:

  • Kubernetes
  • Private GitHub Repo
  • Nginx
  • PHP
After a little discussion and examples on these, I hope to put it all together and show how I have things configured and running.

The other purpose of starting this blog was to help me capture some of the steps taken along the way. I’ve looked at random configurations, examples, setups, websites…etc… I’ve also done some random trial and error steps and somehow got things working. In addition to providing steps to success for others, I’m intending to use this to also act as documentation for myself.

So as the title of this first post says, stay tuned as I recreate and document my environment via this blog.