Funny Moment in AI Tinkering

I spent today neck deep in rego so I thought it would be fun to take a break from documenting something technical and instead talk about a funny moment in AI tinkering. Yes, Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzz so it just makes sense to blog about it, right? Also, yes, there’s a minor plug embedded in here for my wife and daughter and their business.

I’m a geek. I am not a marketing wiz. If you’ve read my blog so far, you know I have my own version of English. I’m also very horrible at writing product descriptions and things of the sort. I’ve been helping my and wife put together stuff for their handmade soap business, Momma Bears Creations (That’s the shameless plug).

The girls are much more focused on making the soap than trying to deal with attaching product descriptions and put things online. Although, I will admit that my daughter has been doing a really good job putting together some cool videos about their soap making process. You can checkout some of their work on their facebook page (another shamless plug…there’s one more at the end).

Where’s The Funny Moment?

If you’ve been following me, you also know that I’ve been tinkering with AI. I did some blogging here about it. I’ve mostly settled into using Writesonic for many of my business related needs. One of those needs was creating product descriptions for the girls. This is where the funny moment happened.

Writesonic allows you to use different personas for what it generates like Enthusiast, Professional..etc..I’ve seen many AI engines doing this as well. The girls had purchased a few different scents from P&J Trading but I convinced them to purchase the Campfire scent. P&J Trading nailed this! The scent really does smell like campfire and it’s awesome.

After some lots of convincing, I was able to get the girls to make a few bars of the scent. I freaking loved it! The entire shower smelled like campfire after I took a shower. They asked me to put it online just so they could show their followers that they had made it.

I went over to Writesonic and I filled out the appropriate fields:

  • Product Name : Camp Fire
  • Product Features : glycerine soap base, camp fire scent
  • Keywords: melt and pour soap,handmade soap,glycerine,campfire

Up until this point, I had been using Excited persona. I figured I had some extra credits to spend and I needed a laugh. I decided to set the persona to Funny. In the past, it was the furtherest thing from Funny but I have to say that Writesonic knocked this one out of the park! For those that don’t feel like clicking around, I’ve included the output below as well.

Writesonic Funny Output

Introducing “Camp Fire” – the ultimate melt and pour soap that will have you singing “Kumbaya” in the shower! This handmade glycerine soap is the perfect companion for all you happy campers out there, offering an authentic campfire experience without the mosquito bites and burnt marshmallows.

Our Camp Fire glycerine soap is made with love, humor, and a hint of nostalgia, bringing you back to those cozy nights spent around the fire with your favorite people. With each sudsy lather, you’ll be transported to the great outdoors, where the soothing crackle of burning logs and the sweet scent of smoked wood fill the air.

But wait, there’s s’more! Not only does Camp Fire boast a mesmerizing campfire scent, but it also features a luxurious glycerine soap base that will leave your skin feeling softer than a marshmallow in a sleeping bag. You won’t believe how this handmade soap can turn your ordinary bathing routine into a full-on wilderness adventure!

Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a cozy cabin dweller, our Camp Fire melt and pour soap is the perfect way to bring a little nature into your daily routine. So, grab your flannel PJs, a cup of hot cocoa, and lather up with this hilarious and heartwarming handmade glycerine soap.

With Camp Fire, you’ll be singing “This Soap is Your Soap, This Soap is My Soap” before you know it! So, don’t miss out on the chance to experience the great indoors with the ultimate campfire-scented glycerine soap. Order now and let the adventure begin!

– Writesonic: Product Description Generator

Signing Off For a Friday

There’s my funny moment in AI tinkering. I’ve now decided that I’m going to move all of my product descriptions to the funny persona! This output from Writesonic is spot on dad humor and sounds almost exactly like I wrote it myself.

Final shameless plug is that the girls will also be starting their only Etsy store soon too. They are just getting started online and probably won’t have too much up there until later this year.