Benchmarking Your Rego Policies

Yes, I’ve been on a Rego kick lately. I posted Kickstart Your Journey With Rego as a way for others to get onboard as well. As with any language, it’s always good to know the impact of your logic. After gaining an understanding of the language and flow, it only makes sense to begin benchmarking … Read more

Kickstart Your Journey With Rego

Rego, the language powering the Open Policy Agent (OPA), has become an indispensable tool for developers and security professionals alike. In order to kickstart your journey with Rego, it makes sense to first understand some of the basics. I put the cart before the horse by first posting how to use Rego in Rego Based … Read more

Rego Based Policies in Cyral

From time to time, I end up documenting very specific details like my Integrating Cyral with Jira Cloud post. This is another case where I recently had to develop some customer Rego based policies for a specific use case at Cyral. When I first started working at Cyral, I did not know the Rego language. … Read more