Benchmarking Your Rego Policies

Yes, I’ve been on a Rego kick lately. I posted Kickstart Your Journey With Rego as a way for others to get onboard as well. As with any language, it’s always good to know the impact of your logic. After gaining an understanding of the language and flow, it only makes sense to begin benchmarking … Read more

Kickstart Your Journey With Rego

Rego, the language powering the Open Policy Agent (OPA), has become an indispensable tool for developers and security professionals alike. In order to kickstart your journey with Rego, it makes sense to first understand some of the basics. I put the cart before the horse by first posting how to use Rego in Rego Based … Read more

Trying Out Nanobus

A friend of mine recently asked me to take a look at Nanobus. I guess the first question is what is Nanobus? Allow me to pilfer that definition directly from the Nanobus Overview page. They define it as a lightweight framework for building secure and scalable software services. The next question is what does this … Read more

Successfully Deploying a Static WordPress Site

If you’ve followed my previous posts, you’ll see that I’ve spent some time attempting to build my blog on WordPress and then finally make it static. This had resulted in lots of custom code and even more failed attempts to get things to publish correctly. I’ve finally been successful in building out my site with … Read more

Adding pre-commit Hooks to Python Repo

Writing code can be tough and writing clean code can be even more difficult some times. When you get on a roll and put together highly functional and imaginative code, it might not always look the greatest. Also, when crunched for time, it can be very difficult to go back over the code and attempt … Read more

Using Github Actions To Test Before You Deploy

I’ve been using DigitalOcean for quite some time now and had recently setup their App Platform to run my website. Their platform is great in that I’m able to build a docker container running Openresty and it handles all of my needs. The platform does a great job of catching docker build failures and stops … Read more

Deploying a Sample PostgreSQL Database

Now that I’m beginning to use Github to manage my Kubernetes cluster as shown in my previous article Making The Leap Into Devops, it’s time to start bringing over some of my sample systems for testing. This article shows how to make use of Bitnami’s PostgreSQL helm chart to deploy a sample PostgreSQL database in … Read more