Upkeep Sucks

What can I say, upkeep sucks. I had made a number of changes as I migrated this blog from one platform to another. After the migrations, I even made some changes to WordPress. After making all of those changes, everything was broken but it didn’t matter. I had lots of leftover static content that allowed … Read more

My Blog is Searchable

Finally, my blog is searchable! I have added enough content that scrolling endlessly through categories wasn’t enough anymore. What Directions I Used As you might recall from my Successfully Deploying a Static WordPress Site post, I moved over to using Simply Static Pro to make my WordPress static. I finally got around to actually looking … Read more

Jasper – The Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence for Blog Writing

If you’re a blog writer, you know the importance of engaging content. Up until now, artificial intelligence (AI) has been limited in its ability to help writers create compelling content quickly and easily. But that’s all changing with the introduction of Jasper, an AI-driven platform specifically designed to make blog writing easier and more efficient. … Read more

Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Blog Writing: A Rytr Product Review

What is Rytr and How Does it Utilize AI in Blog Writing? Rytr is an AI-powered blog writing tool that helps content creators and bloggers save time by generating quality content quickly. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to create blog posts and product reviews, allowing users to produce more content in less time. Rytr’s … Read more