Successfully Deploying a Static WordPress Site

If you’ve followed my previous posts, you’ll see that I’ve spent some time attempting to build my blog on WordPress and then finally make it static. This had resulted in lots of custom code and even more failed attempts to get things to publish correctly. I’ve finally been successful in building out my site with … Read more

Using Github Actions To Test Before You Deploy

I’ve been using DigitalOcean for quite some time now and had recently setup their App Platform to run my website. Their platform is great in that I’m able to build a docker container running Openresty and it handles all of my needs. The platform does a great job of catching docker build failures and stops … Read more

Speeding Up WordPress

I started messing around with my WordPress by first adding in a layer of security in Adding Nginx in Front of WordPress. After putting Nginx in front of my WordPress, I decided that I would further secure it by also Building a Static WordPress. That’s great and all but maybe it was time to make … Read more

Building a Static WordPress

Now that I have Nginx in Front of WordPress, I thought the next logic step was to try and hide my WordPress even more. What exactly would this mean? In my mind, I figured that I would restrict access to all of the backend functions of my WordPress site to just my IP Addresses. From … Read more

Adding Nginx in Front of WordPress

The future is here! In my previous article, Testing Out the Digital Ocean Container Registry, I talked about using the Digital Ocean Container Registry to build a custom nginx. In that article, I talked about the future, aka a future, aka this post. When I moved to WordPress, I did so using Digital Ocean’s 1-Click … Read more

Posting a Custom Image to Docker Hub

Welcome to 2020! I hope the new year finds everyone in good spirits and ready to continue listening to me babble about my struggles with technology. So far, the focus has been on using default Docker images for our builds. This is great if you plan to deploy stock instances and only need to serve … Read more