Automate Your Database Changes with a CI/CD Pipeline

I first started talking about building a database CI/DI pipeline in my previous post, How to Build a CI/CD Pipeline for Your Database. That previous post was focused more on the infrastructure that would be managed by the DevOps team. Now I want to focus on efficient database management with CI/CD. In this post, I’m … Read more

Terraform Import Made Easy: Conquering Infrastructure Management Complexities

I will admit that I’m quite a bit of a rookie when it comes to Terraform and the whole infrastructure as code scene but I’m learning. One of the most powerful tools I’ve found when trying to convert your current infrastructure into Terraform is the terraform import command. After too many times of doing an … Read more

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform and GitHub Actions: A Kubernetes Case Study

As I’ve been working with Terraform more and more these days, I felt that it would be a good idea to move away from some of my other hacked together solutions in favor of Terraform. My next logical step was to focus on kubernetes management with terraform and github actions. This idea builds upon my … Read more

Creating a Custom Helm Chart Using a Bitnami Template

Helm is an essential tool for Kubernetes application deployment, enabling developers to streamline the process of managing, upgrading, and rolling back Kubernetes applications. This article will provide an in-depth overview of creating a custom helm chart using the widely popular Bitnami template. By the end of the article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of … Read more

Deploying a Sample PostgreSQL Database

Now that I’m beginning to use Github to manage my Kubernetes cluster as shown in my previous article Making The Leap Into Devops, it’s time to start bringing over some of my sample systems for testing. This article shows how to make use of Bitnami’s PostgreSQL helm chart to deploy a sample PostgreSQL database in … Read more

Building a Static WordPress

Now that I have Nginx in Front of WordPress, I thought the next logic step was to try and hide my WordPress even more. What exactly would this mean? In my mind, I figured that I would restrict access to all of the backend functions of my WordPress site to just my IP Addresses. From … Read more

Kubernetes Upgrades Break My DigitalOcean LoadBalancer

I’ve talked about it in previous posts about my thus far overall enjoyment running in DigitalOcean. While I had tinkered with a number of other cloud providers, I settled with them for many things. I do still run in some other providers like OVHCloud (maybe more on my project there for another day). Despite my … Read more