Build Secure Python Pipelines: Adding Tests and Hooks in Action

A roll of US currency gripped by a rusty metal clamp that is hanging from a chain, set against a red corrugated background

As we continue this series started in my Getting Started with Secure CI/CD: Essential Practices for Beginners post, I’ll be securing my Python code with automated testing and hooks. While some of this information builds on some previous posts I’ve created in the past, I still wanted to incorporate these together in a meaningful way. … Read more

Integrating Cyral with Jira Cloud

If you’ve looked at my LinkedIn profile, then you already know that I currently work for a start up called Cyral. With that already being a known thing, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to add some Cyral specific things to the blog as well. This first post is specific to Cyral but could help others … Read more