[Survey] What are Important Features for a Blog?

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When building a blog, it can be overwhelming knowing what all features are important to enable. Your blog software of choice can offer all kinds of features. Those features could overwhelm you while others could overwhelm your visitors. Given all of the options available, I thought that it would be interesting to gather personal preferences of those that read blogs.

Below is a survey hosted by SurveyLegend, that is aimed at gathering some of these details from you the reader. Please participate in this short survey by providing your personal preferences. I know some of these features are important for SEO rankings but I’m more concerned about what the reader thinks not the computer.

The Move to WordPress

I think I stopped blogging because I just wasn’t quite sure I liked the blogger platform. I guess WordPress is the place to be in the blogging world. After agonizing for a very long time, it seems that it was not time to make the big switch. Turns out, it wasn’t that hard at all. The best thing is that my hosting provider made it totally easy to integrate into my existing infrastructure. On top of that, WordPress has a nice little utility that can migrate your blogger blog write into WordPress. Fancy that!

In case you wanted to learn more about this migration, you can read about it on the WordPress support site here.

Now that I’m onto a platform that seems to be a little more friendly, I hope that I can find some time to write about my latest challenge, my Raspberry Pi 4!

Stay tuned for the next set of posts where I walk through my first project with a Pi in hand.

Stay Tuned…

This is just a placeholder for what is to come. I decided to start tinkering around with Kubernetes and getting it to do “fun” stuff. This will be my first of future posts to explain how I have my personal website setup and running using a combination of:

  • Kubernetes
  • Private GitHub Repo
  • Nginx
  • PHP
After a little discussion and examples on these, I hope to put it all together and show how I have things configured and running.

The other purpose of starting this blog was to help me capture some of the steps taken along the way. I’ve looked at random configurations, examples, setups, websites…etc… I’ve also done some random trial and error steps and somehow got things working. In addition to providing steps to success for others, I’m intending to use this to also act as documentation for myself.

So as the title of this first post says, stay tuned as I recreate and document my environment via this blog.