Hardening Your CI/CD: Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes Security

As I continue this series on CI/CD pipeline security, it is time to now work on securely building and deploying our application. This post picks up where my Build Secure Python Pipelines: Adding Tests and Hooks in Action post left off. In this post, we’ll continue our pipeline development by adding a container build and … Read more

Deploy a Nanobus Web Server

After Trying Out Nanobus, I figured it was time to go a little deeper and try to deploy a Nanobus web server. As noted in my previous post, I hadn’t setup any transports for my hello world instance so I couldn’t interact with it when deployed as a container. I also realized that a nanobus/nanobus … Read more

Using Github Actions To Test Before You Deploy

I’ve been using DigitalOcean for quite some time now and had recently setup their App Platform to run my website. Their platform is great in that I’m able to build a docker container running Openresty and it handles all of my needs. The platform does a great job of catching docker build failures and stops … Read more

Adding Nginx in Front of WordPress

The future is here! In my previous article, Testing Out the Digital Ocean Container Registry, I talked about using the Digital Ocean Container Registry to build a custom nginx. In that article, I talked about the future, aka a future, aka this post. When I moved to WordPress, I did so using Digital Ocean’s 1-Click … Read more

Automatically Rebuild Image on Docker Hub

This post focuses on me being lazy. In the previous post, I talked about building a custom image and posting it to the Docker Hub. I have also talked about creating a Git repo and storing everything in it thus far. What if we could make a commit rebuild our image for us? As luck … Read more

Posting a Custom Image to Docker Hub

Welcome to 2020! I hope the new year finds everyone in good spirits and ready to continue listening to me babble about my struggles with technology. So far, the focus has been on using default Docker images for our builds. This is great if you plan to deploy stock instances and only need to serve … Read more