Hardening Your CI/CD: Terraform, Docker, and Kubernetes Security

As I continue this series on CI/CD pipeline security, it is time to now work on securely building and deploying our application. This post picks up where my Build Secure Python Pipelines: Adding Tests and Hooks in Action post left off. In this post, we’ll continue our pipeline development by adding a container build and … Read more

From Reactive to Proactive: Transforming Security with Tetragon

I previously blogged about Starboard and How to Install and Use Starboard to Protect Your Kubernetes Cluster. These articles were focused more on vulnerability and configuration management. Now, I wanted to focus my attention on runtime security observability using Tetragon. Getting Started With Tetragon The first step is to install it. The Tetragon website recommends … Read more

From Vulnerability to Visibility: Demystifying Starboard Infrastructure Scan Reports

In previous posts,How to Install and Use Starboard to Protect Your Kubernetes Cluster and Enhancing Kubernetes Security and Compliance with Starboard Audit Reports: A Practical Guide, I started working through the different security reports available from the Starboard security scanner. The next step is to begin reviewing starboard Infrastructure Scans for security insights. Getting an … Read more

Automate Your Database Changes with a CI/CD Pipeline

I first started talking about building a database CI/DI pipeline in my previous post, How to Build a CI/CD Pipeline for Your Database. That previous post was focused more on the infrastructure that would be managed by the DevOps team. Now I want to focus on efficient database management with CI/CD. In this post, I’m … Read more

Using Github Actions To Test Before You Deploy

I’ve been using DigitalOcean for quite some time now and had recently setup their App Platform to run my website. Their platform is great in that I’m able to build a docker container running Openresty and it handles all of my needs. The platform does a great job of catching docker build failures and stops … Read more

Making the Leap into DevOps

It is time for me to quit managing all of my Kubernetes configurations on a random number of servers and Git repos. Sadly, my usage of the Git repos has ONLY been used to perform backups of my code and not used as a way to manage configuration changes. I have been running in DigitalOcean’s … Read more

Kubernetes Upgrades Break My DigitalOcean LoadBalancer

I’ve talked about it in previous posts about my thus far overall enjoyment running in DigitalOcean. While I had tinkered with a number of other cloud providers, I settled with them for many things. I do still run in some other providers like OVHCloud (maybe more on my project there for another day). Despite my … Read more