Testing Python AWS calls with Moto

In my previous Writing Tests For Your Python Project, I started writing tests for my Python code but then ran out of options because I had completed all tests that didn’t involve calls to the AWS API. Now we’ll begin testing Python AWS calls with Moto. You can view some additional details about Moto in … Read more

Exporting CloudWatch Logs to S3

I had to figure out how to get logs from CloudWatch into S3. This task is actually pretty easy because AWS provides a very nice tutorial, Exporting log data to Amazon S3, that explains how to do this either via Console or CLI. My problem is that I needed to do this daily so automating … Read more

Checking and Correcting Permissions in Amazon Redshift

I needed to make sure I had two users in an Amazon Redshift cluster (readonly and readwrite). I needed to make sure their permissions were set appropriately so the first step was to first see what their permissions were on the schema and then the tables. First we check their schema permissions with the below … Read more

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