Building the RaspberryPi Christmas Light Box

Let’s Cover Some Background Here I have always enjoyed Christmas lights. For quite some time, I was very intrigued at the notion of putting the lights to music or at least making them dance in motion. About 3 years ago, my wife and I bought a string of lights that had a mind of their … Read more

The Move to WordPress

I think I stopped blogging because I just wasn’t quite sure I liked the blogger platform. I guess WordPress is the place to be in the blogging world. After agonizing for a very long time, it seems that it was not time to make the big switch. Turns out, it wasn’t that hard at all. … Read more

Automatically Rebuild Image on Docker Hub

This post focuses on me being lazy. In the previous post, I talked about building a custom image and posting it to the Docker Hub. I have also talked about creating a Git repo and storing everything in it thus far. What if we could make a commit rebuild our image for us? As luck … Read more

Posting a Custom Image to Docker Hub

Welcome to 2020! I hope the new year finds everyone in good spirits and ready to continue listening to me babble about my struggles with technology. So far, the focus has been on using default Docker images for our builds. This is great if you plan to deploy stock instances and only need to serve … Read more

Creating a Private GitHub Repo

The first step in my adventure was to first create a location to store my web content. The mostly likely location for this was GitHub. The process for signing up for a GitHub account is pretty easy so I won’t bother going through that process here. I’m going to assume that you figured that part … Read more

Stay Tuned…

This is just a placeholder for what is to come. I decided to start tinkering around with Kubernetes and getting it to do “fun” stuff. This will be my first of future posts to explain how I have my personal website setup and running using a combination of: Kubernetes Private GitHub Repo Nginx PHP After … Read more