Upkeep Sucks

What can I say, upkeep sucks. I had made a number of changes as I migrated this blog from one platform to another. After the migrations, I even made some changes to WordPress. After making all of those changes, everything was broken but it didn’t matter. I had lots of leftover static content that allowed … Read more

Removing Glare with GIMP

In my Self Promotion of InkedWith post, I mentioned that I had some plans to bring in some new battles with technology. This article is a simple battle I found for removing glare with GIMP in images. I had taken some pictures to be used for printing as well as posting to social media. The … Read more

Pros and Cons of Python Various Markup Syntax

Introduction to Markup Syntax Markup syntax is a type of computer language used to create and modify documents. It is used to format text, create links, and add images, among other things. Markup syntax is commonly used in web development and programing languages such as HTML and CSS. In this blog post, we will be … Read more

Deploy a Nanobus Web Server

After Trying Out Nanobus, I figured it was time to go a little deeper and try to deploy a Nanobus web server. As noted in my previous post, I hadn’t setup any transports for my hello world instance so I couldn’t interact with it when deployed as a container. I also realized that a nanobus/nanobus … Read more

My Blog is Searchable

Finally, my blog is searchable! I have added enough content that scrolling endlessly through categories wasn’t enough anymore. What Directions I Used As you might recall from my Successfully Deploying a Static WordPress Site post, I moved over to using Simply Static Pro to make my WordPress static. I finally got around to actually looking … Read more

Python Snowflake UDF Quoting Issue

I recently did some tinkering with creating a Snowflake UDF in Python. It turns out that I discovered a Python Snowflake UDF Quoting issue on the return value from the function. I was not able to find any information on this issue online so I figured it was good to document it for anyone else … Read more

Self Promotion of InkedWith

While this post is mainly focused on self promotion of InkedWith, my new Shopify store, I figured it was a good way to open up a new wave of technology challenges! With the shameless plug out of the way, allow me to cover the back history of this a little bit. Back History I have … Read more

Trying Out Nanobus

A friend of mine recently asked me to take a look at Nanobus. I guess the first question is what is Nanobus? Allow me to pilfer that definition directly from the Nanobus Overview page. They define it as a lightweight framework for building secure and scalable software services. The next question is what does this … Read more